Sponsor a Home

What is a sponsor?

A sponsor is an organization which commits to fund all the expenses connected with constructing a home and also commits to providing the labor needed to build the home.

How much does it cost to sponsor a home?

The cost to sponsor a home is $90,000. This amount can be reduced by the sponsor providing in-kind contributions of materials and services.

How many people are needed to construct a home? When does the work take place? How much time is required?

Generally a minimum of twenty to twenty-five volunteers are needed to work with a House Leader and four Crew Leaders during the build. This does not include the professionals who work throughout the week performing the most technical tasks.

What assistance does Habitat provide the sponsor in constructing the home?

Habitat has a construction project manager who orders all the materials and handles all the inspections and subcontractors. The manager is also at the construction site to coordinate and oversee the day’s activities. The manager, in conjunction with the Building Committee, meets with the sponsor in advance of construction to organize the volunteers.

Who can be a sponsor?

Any organization can be a sponsor. We have had churches, businesses and foundations sponsor homes.

Can an organization co-sponsor a home if it does not have enough labor or funds to construct a home?

Yes. Many of our homes have been built by organizations working together in this capacity.

Why should my organization sponsor a home?

Because thousands of people in our community live in substandard housing and your organization can do something about it. As you give, you will receive. As the members of your organization work side-by-side along with the selected family, your organization will be united-perhaps as never before-by this life giving partnership.

What is the first step?

Call Habitat for Humanity of Northwest Indiana at (219) 923-7265 and speak with Jim Babusiak, Resource Development Director.

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