Women Build

Women Build is a fundraising event designed to help defray to cost of building a home for one of our partner families.  Each team of up to 8 people raises $1,000 ($125 per person) to join us for a unique experience.  Women Build dates are available every Thursday, Friday and Saturday – Beginning with Women Build Week on March 8th thru September 2021.

During 2021, Women Build volunteers and fundraisers will help build a home for Leslie and her little boy!  Leslie has already begun work on her requirement of 300 “sweat equity” hours.  Pick a day to partner alongside Leslie, our construction manager and dedicated core volunteers to build a safe, decent and affordable home with Leslie.

Please help by joining a team or creating your own team!  Teams of 8 raise $1,000 by asking friends and family to contribute what they can.

Click here to create your team! Join us today!  

Not comfortable coming out to the build site?  We are also offering up a way to participate remotely too!  Be a Women Build Stud-A-Thon Sponsor at the same rate ($1,000) for six 2 x 4 studs – decorate them with good wishes, positive images and we’ll use them in an upcoming home build!  Click here for more info on our Women Build Stud-A-Thon.

Women Build 2021 dates are NOW available March through September!

Call Wende at 219-923-7265 ext. 1304 or email dirdev@nwihabitat.org to book your Women Build date!

Corporate sponsorship opportunities are available!

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